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Regulator Servicing with FEELGOOD ACTIVITIES

If you think about it, breathing underwater is pretty remarkable, and it all happens because of the regulator.  The scuba regulator is a great invention that delivers the air from your scuba tank to you just the way you need it to breathe.

Don’t miss a dive due to faulty scuba gear. With our team of factory trained and qualified regulator service technicians, we can ensure your regulators (your life support system) is ready for your next dive.

Here at Feelgood Activities, we will service, replace and test as nessessary to keep your gear working at its very best for the season ahead.

We treat every customers regulator as if it were one of our very own.

What Happens...

  • We strip down and take apart the first and second stages into their component parts.
  • These parts are then cleaned and degreased ultrasonically.
  • All parts are inspected for wear and defects and faulty ones automatically replaced.
  • All O rings are replaced using manufacturers service kits.
  • We then reassemble your regulator and set it up using manufacturers guidelines and then test and fine-tune to ensure it is operating to its optimum level.

For more information about or to discuss any aspect of your diving needs, chat with one of the FEELGOOD ACTIVITIES Team members.