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Life Jacket Servicing with FEELGOOD ACTIVITIES

Is your life-jacket due to be serviced?  Can't remember?  Let our friendly team of factory trained and qualified life-jacket service technicians check for you.  We can ensure your life-jacket (your life support at sea) is ready for your excursion.

We will service, test and replace as nessessary to keep your gear working at its very best for the season ahead.  

All SOLAS approved lifejackets are required by law to be serviced annually.  All CE approved lifejackets are highly recommended, although not required by law, to be serviced on an annual basis.

What Happens...

  • We strip down the life jacket and fully inflate the bladder for an integrety test.
  • If the test is succussful, we inspect every component of the life jacket and replace all parts that are either worn, missing, or out-of-date.
  • We reassemble and repack the life jacket and issue either a certificate of conformance or a certificate of failure.


For more information about this or other services have a chat with one of the FEELGOOD ACTIVITIES Team members.