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Welcome to Feelgood Activities

The heart of Howth's adventure experience for all your water activity needs both above and below the water.

Feelgood Activities was born when it's owner and founder Ralph Brady decided to bring water based activities to a wider audience.  Whether it is with Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddle-boarding or Powerboating or on the rare occasion Coasteering.

We want to bring the adventure of water based activities to you and help you to experience the indescribable feelings that we enjoy on an almost daily basis. Or as we say, “For those that have never done it, words can’t describe it. For those who have, words aren’t necessary!”
Our professional team share a passion both for the activities we provide and for the environment that they are carried out in. They are available and willing to talk about any aspect of the activities we offer and happy to swap stories with anyone.

Youth Activities.
Our fully trained team is completely youth compliant and are able to cater to the needs of both able and disabled young people.